Check out this recent article from ACPA Exec. Director, Jon Spellman.

“In the light of current world events, I’m considering a few questions…  First, I’m wondering if the mandates of Christ end where trouble begins?  Did God envision present events when he enjoined us to love?  Or was he blindsided by the wickedness on display by the present batch of Islamic terrorists?  Further, if I am never confronted with an enemy — I mean a for real, honest to goodness, wants to kill you and your family kind of enemy — do I ever have the opportunity to live out the command to love them?”

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Jon Spellman

Jon Spellman

Jon and his family reside in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2009, Jon completed work at King’s Seminary (Van Nuys, CA) with a Masters degree in Practical Theology and is presently engaged in Doctoral studies in Leadership and Global Perspectives at George Fox University. As an ordained minister of the Foursquare Gospel, Jon has 24 years of pastoral ministry with nearly 20 of those years spent serving as Senior pastor or Co-Senior pastor. Read more about Jon Spellman

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