About the Atlanta Church Planting Alliance

On May 1, 2013, leaders from eight church planting tribes and networks gathered with a commitment to learn from one another and communicate the distinctives and goals for each of our local networks. That initial gathering was seasoned by grace, and opened the doors for collaboration. While each network remains committed to its own unique theological traditions (though each of us have affirmed the Lausanne Covenant), we have discovered that we agree on some really important things, the most important being a love for the Atlanta region and a shared desire see the Gospel planted here! Actually, the things on which we agree far outnumber those on which we don’t so we have decided to work together toward a few shared goals.

More Thoughts on the ACPA

Monthly Connections

Would you like to connect with other leaders of church planting networks in around the ATL for a monthly chat?

Small conversation groups are forming and meet either in person at a convenient location or via Google Hangout.  Email Jon at pastor.jonspellman@gmail.com to get connected to a monthly group.

Alliance Quarterlies

The purpose of the quarterly onsite gathering is for ACPA participants to share learnings from their cohorts, celebrate accomplishments, discuss major objectives, and determine next steps. Another value/emphasis of the quarterly is relationship and partnership. Prayer is a key component of our time together. Each quarterly is hosted by a church within one of the ACPA networks and includes a meal together.

Keep an eye on the homepage for the next dates and locations.

Spring Network Leaders’ Retreat

The Spring Network Leaders’ Retreat happens in May each year. This is a time for church planting network leaders and spouses to rest, relax and recharge for a 24 hour mini-retreat.  This retreat is offered by the ACPA free of charge for church planting network leaders!

Keep an eye on the homepage for this year’s details!


What is our shared vision?    To see God’s kingdom come and his will done, in Atlanta, as it is in heaven.

What is our shared mission?   To build an alliance of church planting networks, denominations, and tribes that bless our city… collaboratively participating in the Gospel’s impact here.

Whom do we serve?    The ACPA serves church planting network leaders. These leaders are from denominations (or denominational church planting efforts), grassroots networks, non/inter/multi/intradenominational networks, local associations, or collaborative groups which foster an environment for church planting.

Is there is a statement of faith?    The ACPA has affirmed the Lausanne Covenant. That covenant can be found here:http://www.lausanne.org/en/documents/lausanne-covenant.html