Ron Steslow lives life on mission in Las Vegas, NV.  Here are a few helpful thoughts for church planters from this seasoned missional leader.

While you wait!

What can a church planter do while you wait? 

Do you dislike wasted time? Have you had a delay while waiting to deploy as a church planter? Have you felt there are steps you CAN take even though you aren’t in the new community yet? You might be waiting to relocate to your target city, to sell your house or need time to find employment or wind up a job. There is packing and moving your stuff or getting rid of stuff! Kids need time to settled in school, supermarkets need to be found and bird-dogging a favorite coffee spot to slide into every day or so! All this and more could be a part of your waiting experience.

Are there things a planter can do? There sure ARE!

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